Giving You an Edge in The Wild West of Crypto

Panther Quant is the first NFT marketplace built on BNB SmartChain, seamlessly integrated with an AI based Layer 2 platform for the CEX/DEX/DeFi playfield.

About Us.

Re- DeFi(n)ing the Web3,
Crypto & NFT Space!

A newbie to Crypto? Afraid of losing all your money?
A veteran trader? Yet, making uninformed trading
decisions too often?

We know that you are tired of making these random trading decisions, as such, we are bringing to you the first AI based " One-stop-Trading Destination " to guard your exposure in the crypto market by analysing the market sentiments in Real Time while automating your Trading strategies

Founded by an innovative team with over 37 years of combined experience in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, Panther Quant also offers tradable NFTs as incentives for successful trading strategies.

Trade with an edge!

Of Your Trading Strategy

Panther quant offers a golden opportunity of owning an nft for being a
successful trader. It offers individual with tested trading strategy, the priviledge
to tokenize that ultimate guide in which one can make the best investment.
With Panther Quant platform one can have the sense of ownership of their
trading strategy NFTs & lease it out to others on the Panther Quant
marketplace and earn creator rewards.

Platform Features

Panther Quant is a revolutionary platform that aims to provide a transformative experience for the crypto space. It has several features that will make it stand out from the crowd. In synopsis, these features are:

AI-based Signal

It uses machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence to analyze real-time market sentiment.It then forecasts an asset's value based on the data collected by social media platforms.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace will allow users to convert their trading strategies into NFTs, and trade it with other users.

DEX Arbitrage &
Flash Loan

It will automate DEXs arbitrage while scanning for loan opportunities in top DEXs to execute an order based on predefined parameters and sends profits directly to the user's wallet.

Auto Compound
Yield & Yield Swap

User's funds will be automatically moved and auto-compound into a cryptocurrency and keep them in their wallet.

What Makes Pantherquant A
Top-Drawer Performer?

AI enabled Market Sentiment analysis in real-time

It integrates with CEXs and DEXs users' utilities.

Safeguarding of users by Liquidity risk calculation on DEXs

Marketplace for trading strategies tokenized as NFTs

Hyper Optimization of trading strategies

The hyper optimization feature of Panther quant, singles out
the most suitable trading strategy through machine learning
algorithm. It helps you make better trading decisions, while
simultaneously reducing the stress in figuring out the best
trading strategy.



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Scott Kelly

Strategic Advisor CEO, Black Dog Venture Partners

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